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Have you ever thought about becoming a hunting mentor? Sharing the hunting tradition with someone new can be a rewarding experience. Mentoring provides an opportunity to give back to the hunting culture and thereby conserve the hunting legacy for future generations. Mentoring provides an opportunity to give back to the person that mentored you. Most importantly, mentoring is fun and rewarding!

Signing up to become a mentor is the first step to helping preserve the hunting heritage and pass on the valuable lessons that someone once passed on to you. By registering to become a mentor, there are no requirements or expectations. Learn more information from experienced mentors about why and how to get involved. It’s not as hard as you think!

“When you learn, teach. When you get, give.” – Maya Angelou

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Did you know?

There are over two million less hunters than there was five years ago. As the core populous of hunters continues to age, total hunter numbers continue to decline. Roughly 60% of all funding for state wildlife agencies comes from the purchase of hunting licenses and the federal excise tax on guns, ammunition, and angling equipment. It is key to the future of hunting and wildlife conservation that there are new sportsmen and women of all ages to fill the shoes of those that have come before them.

There are numerous ways to be a mentor:

  1. Volunteer at an organized hunt camp
  2. Take someone hunting in a non-formal setting
  3. Become a digital mentor for the Arizona Outdoor Skills Network
  4. Share hunting stories and outdoor skills.
  5. Share a wild game dinner.
  6. Share a hunting magazine subscription.
  7. Take someone along on a pre-hunting season scouting or shooting trip.
  8. Introduce someone to the outdoors through a simple walk in the woods.
  9. Invite someone to a hunter education course
  10. Become a hunter education instructor!

...and many more

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