Angler (Fishing) Education


Angler education workshops provide hands-on instruction and experience to gain the knowledge and skills to participate in angling activities.

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Open to those new to angling and seasoned anglers wanting to expand their knowledge or try new techniques. With instruction and hands-on experience, participants will to able to confidently choose locations and equipment to pursue new angling adventures.

Classes include hands-on training taught by seasoned instructors. Courses range from one-day condensed classes to multiple days.ays.

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NOTICE: In an effort to protect public health and reduce the spread of COVID-19, we may not be offering courses at this time. When registering, please make sure to provide an email and emergency contact. We will use this to contact you should we need to chancel or change an event at the last minute. Please note that emails will come from

If you require hunter or bowhunter certification, please take our online-only course (no field day required) at

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