Iowa Advanced Skills and Opportunities


Advanced Skills and Opportunities classes are typically designed for students who have already completed the basic Hunter Education class. Advanced Skills and Opportunities classes include but are not limited to: Fur Harvester Education, Bowhunter Education, Wingshooting Education, Mentored Hunts, Species Specific Seminars, Treestand Safety Seminars, and Firearms Specific Seminars.

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These programs are designed to provide the student with advanced knowledge and training on a particular topic of interest in order to further their understanding and success in the hunting field.

About the Class

Advanced Skills and Opportunities classes are typically one day in length and are held throughout the state.

Some classes require an additional charge for materials and supplies. If a class requires an additional charge, it will be indicated in the special instructions section prior to completing the class registration process. All charges must be paid upon arrival to the class in the form of cash or check.

Age-Related Information

Minimum age to register will vary upon the class type. Be sure to review the special instructions section during the registration process for any restrictions.

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