• Hunter Education Internet Field Day Workshop


    What to Expect at the Field Day Workshop (FDW)

    The FDW is an in-person training event used to evaluate a student's understanding of the material learned during the online training. The FDW does not provide a complete review of the online material. Students are expected to arrive prepared to test. However, FDWs will provide some specific information not provided during the online portion that will not be tested. Generally, the FDW will last 4 to 6 hours but duration of the event may vary due to the number of students and class participation. Trained Hunter Education Instructors may adapt the presentation of material to the needs of the class and the limitations of the facility.

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    The FDW will include the following events.

    1. A classroom session provided by trained Hunter Education Instructors that covers:

    • A selected review of the online course portion.
    • Information specific to the State of Maryland.
    • An emphasis on Tree Stand Safety.
    • A 50 question multiple choice test - requires an 80% score to pass (this is a second exam in addition to the test taken online).
    • Explanation and demonstration of tasks graded on the Trail Walk.
    • Resources for continued growth in hunting sports (specialized training, mentorship and hunting opportunities).

    2. A pass/fail "Trail Walk" observed and scored by trained Hunter Education Instructors. Students are presented with ethical, legal and/or safe decision making scenarios in "Shoot or Don't Shoot" format. Students will demonstrate the safe handling of hunting firearms.

    • Proper carry techniques.
    • Safe muzzle control (pointing a firearm or simulated firearm training aid at another person is grounds for course failure)
    • Identify safe zones of fire.
    • Identify and properly use safety mechanisms.
    • Open & close firearm actions.
    • Load & unload a firearm.
    • Identify correct ammunition.
    • Students will demonstrate the safe negotiation techniques of common obstacles encountered while hunting.

    3. A range session under supervision of trained Range Safety Officers on an approved range that includes:

    • Minimum of two (2) rounds of live fire.
    • At some facilities the use of simulated firearm training aids may be approved for use.
    • Marksmanship is not evaluated.
    • General safety violations may be grounds for course failure.

    Field Day Workshops may vary from training to training and are designed to be flexible. Instructors may shift the focus of the instruction, or the style of instruction as needed based on the age/experience of the overall student group or a demonstrated need for a different training/testing technique.

    Please make a note of any special instructions when registering for the FDW as some training facilities have special requirements. Be sure that you have the proper clothing for the outdoor sessions.

    After successful completion of the three FDW events the students will receive a Maryland Hunter Education Certificate.

    Please note: Successful completion of a Maryland Hunter Education Course (including FDW) will provide a person with an exemption from the training component of the Maryland Handgun Qualification Licensing process. However, it does NOT provide any exemption to a Wear & Carry Permit.

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    Maryland Department of Natural Resources