Montana Bowhunter Education Field Day for Online Students


Students age 12 – 17 are required to take an in-person field day after completing the online course and receiving their field day qualifier certificate. Consistent with FWP’s licensing laws, students who are currently 11 and who will turn 12 by Jan. 16 of the current license year (March – Feb.) may take online Bowhunter Education and the requisite field day. Adults 18+ may take the field day to gain hands-on experience, though it is not required for this age group... The field day offers essential in-person, hands-on, experience in handling archery equipment, tree stand use, hunting ethics, landowner relations, blood trailing, bear awareness, and more. Students must demonstrate proficiency in safety and hunting ethics to receive full certification and will be required to retake the field day if they cannot demonstrate proficiency.

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This field day is a required follow up to the online course for students age 12 - 17. It is voluntary for adults 18 and older who would like the chance to practice hands on safety skills. If you are 18 and older and have completed the online course, you may purchase a license by visiting the Montana Fish, Wildlife, & Parks Webpage. If you are 12 - 17 and have completed the online course, you will need to register for a required field day using your field day qualifier certificate number. After completion of the field day, you may purchase a license.

If you have not yet completed the online course, you may register at

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