Hunting Clinics & Mentored Hunts


Have you ever wanted to try hunting, hunt a species new to you, or harvest your own food? Hunting clinics and mentored hunts provide coached hands-on experience to gain the skills and confidence to independently participate and enjoy hunting.

These events are intended for new hunters or hunters who have never hunted the species featured in the clinic or mentored hunt.

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Hunting clinics and mentored hunts are offered by the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife staff, volunteers, and partners who conduct to teach various aspects of hunting, including game species biology and habitat, hunting equipment and gear, hunting techniques, field dressing and butchering, and food preparation. Most events are hands-on and include a mentored hunt and practice at the range.

The coach or mentor is there to answer questions, share hunting knowledge and skills in the field, and to assist if an animal is harvested.

Prior to events, participants must have their hunter education certification, as well as applicable license and tag unless otherwise noted. Hunter education information can be found here, and license information here.

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